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Identify Energy Thieves In Your Home

I’m sure most Texans remember the incredibly hot summer we had last year. The temps forced us to watch our electricity usage to avoid power outages. Now is the perfect time to identify the energy thieves in our homes before those summer temps hit, and TXU Energy is here to help us! Watch Detective Energy as she quickly finds energy thieves just lurking about.

Did you know that when you turn off your appliances sometimes they’re not really off? They’re energy thieves! Click through the virtual house to find more energy thieves lurking in your home. You can also use the energy thieves calculator to help you identify what you’re spending and how you can save money.

identify energy thieves in your home

Grab your kids to help you go on a hunt for energy thieves. Using the Saving Energy At Home worksheet, not only is it educational, but it helps kids be mindful of the energy thieves in their own home. So grab your little detectives and find those energy thieves before they suck any more money out of you!

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