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This past week, my husband and I were flown to Phoenix, Arizona so he could accept an award for being one of the top sales people with Citi Bank, the mortgage side of it, for 2011.  In Phoenix we met with the top 1% of the company, or Citi Stars, as they were called.  The best of the best.  It was exciting to meet other people who share the same passion as my husband, and their spouses who are as beat down about it as I am.

It really was a great time.  Actually, it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  We were flown out on Monday and from the airport we took a shuttle to the Biltmore Hotel.  After checking in, we were taken to our room.  We were told that Oprah and Obama had stayed in this room (I don’t think at the same time, but who knows).  It was pretty amazing.  From there, we walked around the grounds to check everything out, then caught a shuttle to the nearby mall.


Arizona Biltmore


Our room


The mall wasn’t much to get excited about.  We walked through the Macy’s and the Sak’s Fifth Avenue, but that was pretty much all they had.  Unfortunately, our shuttle only ran every hour, so we had to wait about 30 minutes for it to come back to get us.  Because it is an out door mall, I did get a little red.

That evening we had dinner with the other employees and their guests.  Fortunately for us, there were 5 other sales guys from my husband’s office, so we had people to talk to.

The next day was filled with meetings, but we did get a chance to get in a leisure activity before dinner.  We chose the Jeep Tour.  It wasn’t quite what I expected, but our tour guide did let us know that if we were not with such a big group, and we wanted to do a private tour, we would have so much more fun.  I thought we would be doing some off-roading and hiking… instead we drove on the highway, saw a few mountains, were told of about 100 things that could kill up out in the desert, and what all we could be doing if our group, again, was smaller.  Then we got out of  the jeeps, played a few games, and loaded tour buses for the hour drive back to the hotel.  Well, if I ever go back…

Wednesday we were able to do a community service project.  Many members of our group of 1,000 chose to do landscaping, trash pick up, and grafiti painting.  We chose to do our comunity service with Ben’s Bells, a non-profit organization based on kindness.  Mike and I cut molds and made beads out of clay.  These will later to put together to make a Ben’s bell and will be hung throughout Phoenix to bring happiness to all who see it.  After making bells, we took a tour of the Wrigley Mansion.  Great tour.  Our guide was unbelievable, and the house was breathtaking.

Thursday was our last day.  We had a meeting along with breakfast, thenit was off to catch our plane to return home.  This was a great time away.  Yes, the company kept up very busy.  Meetings and hobknobing made for some very long days, but it was worth it to see the look on his face when he received his award.  I am very proud of my husband.  He is a great guy and salesman, and I am happy that he is being recognized for his accomplishments.

Mike's Citi Star award

The accommodations were wonderful as well.  The Biltmore took care of us.  The food and entertainment were wonderful.  The city wasn’t bad either.  Arizona was never on my list of places that I wanted to visit, but it is now.  It is so beautiful out there and the weather is amazing.  The only downfall of the trip… the 2 hour difference in time.  Trying to get my body clock used to daylight savings is bad enough… my poor body clock is completely out of whack.


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