Put A Little Swing In Your Spring At Top Golf

Now that the weather is getting warmer and nice, it is a perfect time to stop by Top Golf in Allen, Texas.  When the weather is sunny and warm, you will find my family there almost every weekend.  It’s not just for adults either, my kids love going out there to see how far they can hit the ball.


Top Golf fun with the kids

When you first come in to Top Golf, you will buy points that get placed on a card (each game  you play cost so many points).  Then, you pick a level to golf from.  The top level is the easiest; however, if you have young kids, I don’t suggest playing from the top.  I get too nervous that my 2 year old will want to play Superman.  Yes, there is a net, but my heart still beats out of my chest just thinking about it.  I feel the same way about the middle level, but the drop isn’t as bad.  The bottom level is harder to play from, but you are ground level.  Most of the time I have noticed this level is blocked off for  events and parties.

Once you have chosen the level you are going to play from, you get in your own little alley (a little like bowling).  From there, you swipe your card in the machine and then you can start playing.  Everything is electronic.  You wave your club over the sensor on a box, and a ball pops out.  Swing and hit, and hopefully you will get points.  As I said, the top level is the easiest. This is because you are up so high up, and I think there is a better chance of making a shot in a hole.   Because you are above the holes, the ball falls down instead of flying up.  The ball tends to roll better after falling from 3 stories.

The game keeps your score, again like in bowling, and then you can have those scores e-mailed to you.  I like that option because I always beat my husband pretty bad, and that is just my proof and a way I can rub it in his face.

I suggest that if you plan a trip out to Top Golf you get there fairly early.  They start getting pretty packed around lunch time especially on the weekends.  During the week people come out on their lunch break to play.  You’ll always catch a group of men playing in their business suites.

If you don’t own a set of clubs, they have you covered.  You can rent anything you need.  Plus they have a great staff of waiters.  You can order anything from a soda and burger to a fancy adult drink and sushi.  I have never eaten anything off the menu, but it all looks very yummy, and from what I have heard, it tastes great too.

Top Golf is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday by yourself or with your family.  Kids of all ages will love playing too.  Who knows, you may find out that you have a little Tiger Woods on your hands.


My little Tiger Woods



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