Making Memories with Bunnies and Bluebonnets

This spring feels like it started about mid-February and so did all the pollen. So much so that I have been sitting in bed for a few days trying to recover from our full day’s adventure to celebrate the season with bunnies and bluebonnets.

After realizing that Easter was just around the corner, I had to find the right local Easter egg hunt for my three-year old (and seven-month old to watch)as well get my annual Texas shot amidst the fields of Texas’ proud flora.  With no time left and mom feeling less than amazing, we set out to accomplish both adventures in one day. In addition to the good pictures and two very tired children, we achieved our mission just in time to enjoy lunch with dad.

After perusing the list of great Easter egg hunts in DFW, being close to home kept our choices to a select few. While Breakfast with the Easter Bunny in Grapevine sounded like a winner – a 7:30 AM start time didn’t, so Nash Farm’s free Easter Egg hunt, here we come! Easy to get to (well as far as getting through Grapevine can be), the historic farm is perfectly nestled in an adorable neighborhood not far off 114. While I found the location easily, parking wasn’t enjoyable (or ample) especially with two kids and no help. The cross-guards were very nice and helped out the daytrippers get to their destination. Upon arrival, I was delighted by the size of the event and just the perfect amount of features that we could visit without feeling like it was going to be a “Six Flags” kind-of-day to try to do it all.

Bounce houses, a petting zoo, meeting the Easter Bunny and the hunts seemed just about perfect for my age group’s needs (older children seemed a little bored which was evidenced by many of them with long faces and zoned in to game devices). There wasn’t much information online about hunt times so I went looking for a guide. There were lots of helpers in pink shirts, but not many of them seemed to know what was going on. Thankfully I was saved by an announcement that let me know the 4-5 year huddle was happening soon and line up. Let’s just say, while there wasn’t a published agenda for my OCD-type brain to read, the kids seemed happy and the three-hour event rolled on just fine. In less than 2 hours, we fulfilled our quest plus a photo with The Chipmunks without any meltdowns, so we moved on to our next challenge – bluebonnets.

Picturesque Nash Farm is the ideal backdrop for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Thankfully, over the last few days I had been seeking out the right place to take our first brother-sister bluebonnet picture WITHOUT getting run over. I was fortunate that there was a little place very close to the house off I-30 close to Hurricane Harbor that was perfect to click it. While taking photos either early in the morning or later in the evening are ideal, the cloud cover made for good lighting all day. I asked big brother dressed in his white shirt, to get on his knees where I had laid down a small blanket and handed him his sister, dressed in a simple white and blue frock, to take a few shots. After trying to get the perfect shot, I gave up and just started clicking. After 5 minutes I had a few cute shots although never in the same frame, we had a good time and no fussing.

What I Learned:

My advice for Nash farm? Arrive early for good parking and be ready to go with the flow. The venue is intimate and everyone’s going to get a turn, so just be patient. Bring your camera and some snacks if your little ones need frequent eats.

My advice for bluebonnet photos? Hire a professional – ha! But reasonably speaking, dress for success with something simple like white, blue or yellow since they will look ideal against the blue and green fields. Eye out a spot that isn’t going to kill you to get there, take ‘em quick and remember there’s always next year if they don’t work out the way you envisioned them. It’s about the experience rather than the ideal shot that makes a picture perfect.

Quick candid shots sometimes make the best pictures!

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