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Running Mom Rocks – My First 5K with Our Eight Year Old

Mother/ Daughter 5k


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About a month ago, the company I work for underwent a reorganization. Part of the reason why I’ve fallen behind in blogging was that I was trying to get my bearings within my new organization (new boss, new peers, etc).

Now that I’ve been in my position for over a month, I figured last weekend’s (April 21st) Running Moms Rock 5k was the perfect event to jumpstart my 2012 running resolution.

The evening before the race, I picked up both mine and my friend’s packet. However, the next day, my girlfriend had to cancel due to a sinus infection she had been struggling with that same week. No bueno! I emailed and  told her to take care.  The next thing I knew, our eight year old daughter wanted to do the 5k with me.

I figured, “why not”? She was excited to don her first bib (under my friend’s name) and tech shirt and we were on our way to Highland Village.

As we warmed up and the crowd began to thicken, my mini-me confessed she was nervous.  Minutes before the race, she had to use the restroom due to her jitters.

We were near the starting line (behind the serious runners) when we heard the signal to start jogging. I was impressed, we had a good pace until we turned the corner and my daughter grabbed my hand while wailing her side was hurting.  Meanwhile, I turn to my right and briefly scan the crowd for my hubby and three year old. Fortunately, we see each other and wave/smile.  That was until I heard my three year old screaming and crying for me (she wanted to run the race too!).

It was a tough race for our eight year old daughter despite our jogging/ brisk walking. She stopped once to pick up a bag of Skittles (there was a “Skittles Fairy” tossing them to the spectators) only to have the male runner behind us stumble over her. Another time, we had reached a good jogging pace. But she decided to stop and pick up the pretty purple flower she spotted along the trail (HAHAH).

As we were nearing the cheering crowds and the Finish Line, we grabbed each other’s hands and let go briefly to throw our arms in the air. We were so elated! That was short-lived.  My mini-me tripped on the Finish Line and fell flat on her face. She cried her little eyes out (as she should have). It was a difficult race (much less for an eight year old), but she said she felt like she accomplished something BIG. She also asked me when she should schedule her next race.

I expect she’ll be outpacing me within a few years!

Overall, it was such a great evening race. It was family oriented and the crowds weren’t outrageous. I definitely plan to sign us up next year!

– Cool Playground Mommy

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