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Fresh Beat Band: Verizon Theater Concert

Fresh Beat Band

I’d been super giddy to take our three year old to the Fresh Beat Band concert and gladly obliged to the pricey pit tickets. I so much as took a few hours off work just so I could: get my princess from daycare, get her dressed for the concert and then make the lengthy drive to Verizon Theater at Grand Prairie. We paid for parking only to wait outside, along with other anxious parents and their kids,  in the heat (about 30 minutes) until the doors opened. We got our requisite souvenirs (waited in line twice!), took plenty of pictures, and purchased snacks before making our way down to the front. Because we typically only sit in the upper seats due to costs, I thought I’d splurge this time around because of my daughter’s LOVE of the Fresh Beat Band.

I was disappointed with our front row seats vs. the seats we normally covet. Don’t get me wrong, from start to finish the Fresh Beat Band’s performance was awesome. They were entertaining and had the audience moving and hopping. Unfortunately, parents and kids from other sections crawled to the front of the stage for a better view. They didn’t remain in their seats.  Because of the amount of people who did this, our pricey seats were worthless. We couldn’t view the performance sitting down. Because the aisles blocked with kids/ adults standing, people with front row seating were forced to stand up too making it difficult for little ones to view the show.

My three year old began crying because she couldn’t see. I was so bummed because I really wanted her to enjoy the show. What’s a mom to do? I picked her up and ran to the front of the stage and put her on my neck.

All in all? It was a great show. In fact, it was so good that I forced myself to learn all of their names – Kiki, Marina, Shout, and Twist. However, I learned to stick to my budget seats the next time around.

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