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Make The Eco Friendly Choice With B.Toys

Earth Day kind of snuck up on me this year. Seems the entire month of April quickly snuck by me. However, if you’re like me, you strive to be eco friendly and preserve our environment throughout the year. It’s for that reason that, though Earth Day 2012 is passed, it’s totally appropriate to highlight B.toys and their eco friendly stance and commitment to choosing the most recycled and recyclable materials.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to think about the ozone and ways we’ve harmed our environment. What can one person really do to help? Yes, that’s exactly the question. Think of it this way. If hundreds of people make a choice to do several things to protect our ozone, then that adds up. Our one decision can be a part of hundreds, making it a very vital part of protecting Earth.

make the eco friendly choice with b.toys

Did you know even the toys you buy your kids can be a part of that one choice to make a difference? It’s true, and B.toys understands that all too well. They’ve made Reduce Reuse Recycle a way of life with each toy they sell. Whenever possible, they’ve eliminated the need for extra packaging. Part of the toy doubles as gift wrap. Looks cool, spend less money on wrapping, and give a fun gift, um, yes, I’ll take that.

It’s minimizing.

It’s eco friendly.

It’s cool.

It’s a way of life for B.toys. 

make the eco friendly choice with b.toys

Although all of B.toys products are excellent, I want to highlight their A-Maze Rain Rush (it’s the earthy sound to it that jives with me). Although it says it’s intended for ages 18 months to 3 years, my 7 year old daughter was totally enamored with it (as you can see). I think it was the amazing sound those wooden marbles make as they fall through the holes. Personally I thought it a bit loud, like rain pouring down on a metal roof loud. I asked both of my kids if they thought it was too loud to which they (not surprisingly) responded, “No, not at all.” By the way, even my 10 year old couldn’t resist rolling it around as it sat on the table while he was supposed to be doing homework.

make the eco friendly choice with b.toys

The A-Maze Rain Rush contains 42 colorful wooden marbles. It’s 8 inches X 5 inches and is totally made of wood. It’s beautiful enough to leave out for little (or big) hands to play with. It’s a fun addition to your musical instruments. I was quite impressed with the durability and quality of this toy, especially at only $12.99 at Target.

Read more about B.toys commitment to recycling and how they’re being nice to the planet.

The B. line of toys can be found at Target and select specialty stores.

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Disclosure: I received the Rain Rush from B. Toys to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For more posts written by me, visit my personal blog, I Believe In Love.  For more B.toy product reviews, visit…

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