Video Camera Dummy, Right Here

I don’t know about you, but I am a memory collecting fool.  If I don’t have out my handy dandy camera, I am probably video taping something.  I love documenting the progress and lives of my children.  I never miss a moment.

Let me go back to when I got my first video camera.  This, by the way, was before everything was digital.  I think the camera I used still took… film.  Anyway, I was given my first video camera as a wedding gift from my parents.  I didn’t use it all that much in the beginning, but once my oldest son was born, it never left my hands.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I think I did a pretty good job getting the perfect home videos.  I say this, but I haven’t actually watched any of them.

Years passed, and I collected about 30 tapes of different events that have happened in a span of 6 years.  I decided that it was time to trade in my chunky video camera and purchase a smaller camera that may be easier to handle.  My lovely husband agreed with me and gave me a new camera for Christmas.  This camera is a lot smaller than I am used to.  In fact, it can fit in my purse.  It doesn’t take those mini cassette tape looking things.  Instead, it takes those dreaded memory cards (read my blog on memory cards if you don’t understand what I mean).  But, it was cute, so I figured it would work out just fine.  I had it figured out in seconds.  No need to practice.  “I got this.”

old camera (big) vs. new camera (tiny)

Well, that was until about a week ago when I went to an assembly at Aiden’s school.  Before this assembly, I had only really videoed Easter, so this was my first important “can’t miss” kinda thing.  Aiden was getting an award for being a Dino Kid.  The teachers pick one kid a month to receive this award, and May was for my kid!  I was super excited!  My husband had the camera and I was doing video.  There was no way I was going to miss anything.  Or so I thought….

So… I pushed record.  I got the principal being silly with the kids, the kids dancing, and everyone having fun.  This was going to be an awesome home movie.

Then, it was time.  The moment I had been waiting for.  The announcement of names, the shaking of hands, and the nice “whatever” said about each kid.  I was on the edge of my seat!  Camera ready!…

So here’s the thing.  They put that stupid record/pause button way too close to where your thumb should be.  Apparently my finger slipped and at the point right before Aiden’s name was called, I pushed pause.  I did not realize that I did this.  I know that because I went to push pause (which was really record) and recorded the ceiling, the wall, the floor, and a nice conversation I was having with a student about the nurses office.  I pushed record again, and the word PAUSE flashed on the screen.  It was at that point I got a sickening feeling in my stomach.  I pushed record and got as much of my smiling little man as I could before I completely freaked out.  It took everything I had not to go up to the principal to ask for a reenactment of the whole thing.

Video camera dummy?  That would be me!

My thumb fits comfortably on the back right next to the record button... 🙁


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