Carrie is a stay-at-home-mom to two children, Jack (3) and Claire (1). Previously an account manager for a local insurance firm, she now spends the days wrangling small children and wondering how the house got so messy, and considers the day a success if everyone is dressed by noon. She also likes horses, books, iced tea and lip gloss. She blogs about learning to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom at Carrie Elle.

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Backyard Pajama Picnic – Fun, Free, and Easy!

Jack is at an age now where he thinks going on a picnic is really awesome.  He just loves it, and I remember feeling the same excitement as a kid when my mom would load up the cooler and take us to the zoo or the park for a picnic of our own.  I grew up in San Diego, and picnics were something we could enjoy year-round.  That’s not the case in Texas, and we stashed the picnic basket on top of the fridge in the late springtime, knowing it wouldn’t come in handy until next Fall.

But that’s no fun!

Last week, I decided that instead of our routine breakfast in front of the TV, we’d move things outside for a pajama picnic in our own backyard.

This was the easiest picnic EVER.  I pulled some berries out of the fridge, filled up Claire’s sippy cup with almond milk, and broke out the breakfast treats – chocolate milk and doughnut holes – for Jack.  Chocolate milk is a Really Big Deal in our house, so there was great excitement when he woke up and I told him we were going to have a picnic!  in our pajamas! with chocolate milk!

Chocolate milk, for breakfast, in our pajamas? Jack approves!

Even Claire had a blast.  Luckily for me, she isn’t a huge fan of the grass so she even stayed *mostly* contained on the picnic blanket!

Claire enjoyed herself, too!

It was warm, but it wasn’t anywhere as near as hot as it would later in the day.  It was nice to get the kids outside for a bit and eat breakfast somewhere other than in front of the television.

And the best part?  It was easy.  I mean, really easy.  There was no preparation (aside from throwing a blanket on the ground and getting a few treats for breakfast) and cleanup was a breeze.  The kids didn’t have to get dressed first, so that was a huge WIN for me (and also very exciting for Jack…something about a “pajama picnic” just sounds fun!).

When it was all said and done (and to be honest, we didn’t spend too much time outside before the bugs started to descend – next time I’ll bring a fan outside with us to keep the pests away), Jack wanted to know when we could have another breakfast pajama picnic.  I’m thinking it will be sooner than later!

If you’re brave enough to venture outdoors for a lunchtime activity, the Dallas Arboretum is an amazing place to have a picnic!  You could also head out to Ham Orchards, which closes in a couple of weeks, to stock up on peaches (and enjoy lunch in their shaded pavilion while you’re there).

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  1. Laurie 07/27/2012 at 12:42 pm

    love the simplicity of this- and looks like something different to do to shake up a routine.

    • Carrie 07/27/2012 at 1:28 pm

      It was so simple! I am actually thinking about getting a little fancy and maybe even doing backyard pajama pancakes next week…I think my oldest would really be into that!