Simply Shopping for Supplies

Boxes of crayons, packages of notebook paper, plastic folders with brads and 11 x 17 construction paper, when they only sell 12 x 18. It’s that time again…shopping for school supplies!

Whether your choice is Wal-Mart, Staples or Office Depot, the results are usually the same – endless boxes of supplies, parents and children disagreeing on binder colors, and backpacks in all colors except the one you are looking for. All of this represents our annual ritual of ringing the first bell of the new school year.

Remember your pink erasers, washable markers and chisel tip dry erase pens as you plan the first day of school for your students. Beware of the weekend crowds – try early morning or lunch hour supply shopping, and please don’t forget your bottle of water to hydrate yourself in the event that you become flustered when your items listed don’t match the items found.

Although you do have a few weeks of summer left, do yourself a favor and get started on your list. The early bird will always get the worm and the pointed Fiskar scissors!

Happy School Supplies Shopping!

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