Memories of Aluminum Lunch Boxes


School starts for our family in less than 6 days now, and we have all of our pencils, paper, plastic folders with brads, cloth pencil bags, dry erase markers and the other supplies necessary for the year’s school success. As I pack the last packages of tissue into the school supplies box, I have a memory that reminds me that I am not finished! The lunch box – we don’t have my oldest child’s lunch box!

I remember the sigh of relief I felt last weekend, when I picked up the last complete “lunch kit” that Costco had. However, I am also reminded of the not pleased look on my daughter’s face, who insists on a stylish sack to carry her lunch in. At this point I have a dilemma, I haven’t found a productive yet fashionable lunch kit to meet our needs.

What happened to the aluminum lunch boxes with matching thermoses that once captured our hearts and our sandwich and chip combinations? Remember the Charlie’s Angels lunch box that so many of us were so proud to carry our homemade packed lunches in? My husband fondly recalls his Six Million Dollar Man box that he carried until the handle broke. The greatest part of school shopping, the selection of the lunch box with the year’s most popular character, has been replaced with the need to match the lunch kit to the backpack. It’s all quite depressing if you ask me, but I must accept that those days are gone, and continue the search for the perfect pack with hand sanitizer attachment, for my sassy seventh grader!

So, my friends, if you are still searching for that perfect lunch box, take this moment to remember with me the aluminum lunch box that you carried with pride on the first day of school, and up until the day the handle broke.

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