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South Fork Ranch – yes, it exists!

Trying Out Larry Hagman's Handprints - No, We're not at Grauman's Chinese Mann Theatre


On a Saturday, my family and I found ourselves in Parker, TX touring South Fork Ranch. It was my and my hubby’s 3rd time there, but our children’s first time.

Ever since blogging about the triumphant television return of J.R. (and Dallas), I knew a visit to South Fork Ranch was in our immediate future.

For those who didn’t know, only a few episodes of Dallas was filmed on South Fork Ranch. The rest were done in a California studio lot. However, that didn’t take away from the tour.

We enjoyed taking pictures and looking every part the tourist.


The Tram We Took from the Dallas Exhibit to the Ewing Mansion


Before riding on a tram to the house, we went thru the Dallas Exhibit. It housed various television scripts, magazine covers of the cast or just Larry Hagman, and the gun used to shoot J.R. circa 1980.


One of the Dallas Scripts On Display at the Dallas Exhibit


The house isn’t ginormous for Texas standards. But it’s still a gorgeous house complete with farm animals. Our girls enjoyed petting the ponies and looking at the two longhorns that were on the property.


I Would've Liked to Have Sampled Food from Miss Ellie's Porch


New to the property was a deli aptly named Miss Ellie’s Porch. Unfortunately, we were on the first available morning tour, so it was closed. However, items in the gift shop were reasonably priced and the staff were friendly. I really appreciated learning the history of the home (has switched ownership three times) and of the family that lived there during filming.

Somehow, we missed the opportunity to get our photo taken by the onsite photographer (available for purchase after the tour), but that’s okay. We took plenty of pictures on our own.

South Fork Ranch is open to the public for daily tours of the Ewing Mansion and hosts events, meetings and parties. The last time we were there, we attended my husband’s Texas themed holiday work party located on the South Fork Ranch premise (not in the Ewing Mansion).

If you’re a Dallas fan like I am, I think this tour is well worth the the $10.75/ person admission rate.


The Girls Enjoyed the Ponies

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