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Disney Cruise Line Sailing Out of Galveston, TX

Ahoy, mateys!

I have some exciting news for Texans and Disney fans, alike.

Disney Cruise Line is now sailing out of Galveston, Texas.  That means you can experience a Disney Cruise (and we all know they are supposed to be *amazing*) without having to cross half the country, first.

Yeeeehaw! Disney Cruise Line is now sailing out of Galveston, Texas.

Now, I’ve never been on a Disney cruise before…but that’s about to change.

My kids and I will be setting sail on the Disney Magic (out of Galveston) on October 20th for a seven-night cruise to the Western Caribbean, and I am going to tell you all about it!  That’s right, little ol’ me is headed to the Caribbean on a media cruise.

I’m kind of (completely, 100%) excited.

I’ve been on cruises before, but never with Disney.  And already – just a week after finding out I’d be going on this cruise – the Disney difference is apparent.

I’ll be traveling with two small kids – a fifteen-month-old and a three-year-old – and one of my biggest issues on a recent cruise was that they were really not able to accommodate babies (have you ever tried washing an eight-month-old in a cruise ship shower?).  Disney, on the other hand, welcomes babies and has thought of everything!

The staterooms all come equipped with bathtubs.  You can request a crib for the littlest ones, and if you need a bed rail they’ll set one up at night before bedtime.  They have a pool that is only two feet deep – perfect for tiny splashers!  And, they have child care for babies as young as three months old.

These are just a few of the kid-friendly amenities I’ve discovered that Disney has to offer – I can’t wait to experience this all firsthand!

Another thing I’m super excited about are the excursions we’ve signed up for.

The last cruise we went on offered lots of excursions, too – but many of them had long drives or minimum age requirements, and in the end we avoided them altogether.  This time, I could hardly narrow them all down – most were “All Ages” and I was even able to find several that only required a short drive (traveling long distances in cars isn’t one of my baby’s strong suits).  We’ll be visiting the Dolphin Encounter and Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman, and the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel.

While I was digging around on the website looking for excursions, I kept getting sidetracked by ALL THE AWESOME that is the Disney Cruise Line website.  I was able to print out my entire trip plan  (including travel directions, a list of required travel documents, my itinerary, stateroom number, packing suggestions and lots more), and have it tucked away with our passports.  I was even able to schedule a call from Mickey Mouse to the kids, and for two kids who watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this was very exciting (two days later, my three-year-old is still saying, “I can’t believe Mickey called us!”).

And speaking of the kids getting excited, I’ve been showing them lots of videos of the Disney Magic (the ship we’ll be sailing on). I don’t think Claire is old enough to understand *why* she should be excited, but she sure is (as evidenced by the squealing, clapping and foot stomping that takes place every time Minnie Mouse flashes across my laptop screen!).

So…yeah.  I have a lot to be excited about!

Because Galveston is just a hop skip and a jump away (okay, a six hour car ride, actually), we’ll be driving down the morning of the cruise.  This is GREAT because I’d easily spend that much time (or more, even) traveling if we had to fly to a port in another state.  I’d much rather make the easy drive down to Galveston and bypass the airport altogether (we actually thought about flying to Houston and then taking a shuttle to the ship terminal, but after factoring in travel time to and from the airports, checking baggage, flying with two small children, and of course the cost, driving was the clear winner).

I’ve already checked in online, printed out my custom pre-arrival guide, dusted off the passports and started packing.  I am *so* ready for this trip!

I've got everything all lined up and ready to go - and that includes a Minnie Mouse costume for the toddler!

I hope you’ll follow along on this exciting journey!  I’ll be blogging from the ship as well as updating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (my IG name is “snoringmannexttome”) as wifi allows.

Interested in booking your own Disney cruise out of Galveston?  You can find their 2013 Galveston itineraries here!  


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  2. Erica Fehrman 10/19/2012 at 10:18 am

    Bon voyage!

  3. Mina 10/19/2012 at 12:40 am

    Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear all about it!