State Fair of Texas: More Than Deep Fried Food

It’s that time of the year when everyone starts hoopin’ and hollerin’ about the State Fair of Texas.  You will hear story after story about what new deep fat fried something or other someone ate or wanted to try.  As appetizing as fried pumpkin pie sounds, that isn’t what excites me about the fair.

Not at all.  I go to the fair for two reasons.  1. To look at cars that I could never afford, and 2.  To scope out deals on the coolest junk out there.

I love myself a good deal, and the fair is full of treasures.  Who cares if it is something I would ever use.  Last year I bought not one, but two tubs of some pink stain remover stuff.  I think it was a “buy one get the other for half off”, plus they threw in some liquid stain remover and a scrubber thing.   And you should see how it works… or worked.  The people showing the stuff really knew what they were doing, because the one time I tried, it just made a big mess.

And then I got that shaker thing a few years ago to make slushies.  Oh, it looked awesome when the lady showed me how to do it.  I was sold.  In fact… I think I go two of those as well.  When I tried it at home, I’m sure it would have slushed up if I had an extra 30 minutes to spare.

I am a sucker for a deal, especially if the deal is on a super awesome product.  What did I buy this year?  I bought two pairs of those Stompeez that have been all over the commercials.  You know, the slippers that when you walk the aligater’s mouth opens.  Too cute.  I think we got them for $5 cheaper than we would have online, and we didn’t have to pay shipping.  I didn’t even care that the the ones they had on display didn’t work!

My State Fair Find... Stompeez!

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