Hello, fellow Mamas! I am a high school teacher as well as the mom of a 10-year-old and twin 6-year-olds. I am also taking graduate hours through an online university towards a master's degree in political science. It is a unique experience to be both teacher and parent! Join me on my journey through the trials and tribulations of parenting!

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The things we do for our kids…

No mom wants to miss this!

I am not a sports person. I actually graduated from a high school that didn’t have organized sports–no, not even football. (I’ll pause while all the Texans I live with try to overcome their shock.) I survived and managed to grow into an adult in spite of it. Now I am a mom, and like so many moms, I have kids who play sports. Right now we play soccer for three different teams. I have learned the basic rules, what a double-touch is (don’t do it), and what it means to be offside. I have spent my Saturday mornings sitting on metal bleachers in the rain, my afternoons getting sunburned, and several evenings enjoying team parties at various kid-friendly (but not so much parent-friendly) locations. I currently shuttle my kids to five different practices a week, at three different elementary schools. We have a practice for someone every night Monday through Thursday. And all three take dance classes on Tuesday too. With three games every Saturday.

The question I get a lot, usually right after they ask me to do something that I say no to, is WHY? My only answer is, these are the things we do for our kids…I have struggled with my weight my whole life, so giving them an athletic outlet and love of sports is important to me. I want them to love it, and I hope they will play some kind of sport when they are adults too. My husband has never had weight problems ( I know, you can hate him with me) but is very shy and reserved, so I also love to watch my kids interact with their team and the opposing teams. They were shy with new people when they were smaller, but not so much anymore. I also love that they have learned that rules are rules, and they are required to follow them. I honestly believe that this has helped us out in school. They have so much confidence on the field now, and it floods over into every aspect of their lives.We have all had to learn some new time management skills too, such as getting our homework done on a night that that person doesn’t have practice. That is a life skill that every child needs to learn!

Whatever it is that makes moms do the things we do for our kids is what makes mom special. This is why my kids will always choose dad to do the fun stuff with, and I will get to be the one who makes them do the homework and eat the healthy meals…but when they are graduating or on television when they are all grown up, they will take the time to say “hi, mom”. So take the time to enjoy the busy life. Sing a great song together in the car on the way to practice, and be the loudest voice in their cheering section at the games. Dry their tears, and quiet your own heartbreak when they lose, or get hurt, or take their frustration out on you. Because we are moms, and these are the things we do for our kids…

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