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What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot

Do you need a good book recommendation? Then, grab, borrow, or steal “What Alice Forgot”.

I first heard about the book through our local library. The Flower Mound Library’s book club will be meeting on November 12th at 7 pm to discuss the book by Liane Moriarty.

After reading a few reviews on Amazon, I decided to download it. It was such a great book that I finished it in a few days! Yes, it’s that good.

The premise is that the main character, Alice, bumps her head during an exercise class. When she wakes up, she’s lost her memory from the last 10 years! This includes the birth of her first child and the other two that followed. She’s also horrified to learn that her loving husband has moved out and they’re in the process of divorcing. But, there’s more! She’s rattled to discover that she now has a boyfriend, she’s fitter than ever and living in a house of her dreams.

This fictional book tugged at my heart strings as I, along with the main character, rediscovered her life before her amnesia. Alice is really hurt that her husband wants nothing to do with her and mortified at the kind of person she has become.

Pick up the book and recommend it to your girlfriends!

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