Disney and Starbucks, I’m Disappointed

Earlier this year it was announced that Starbucks would be coming to Disney World.  My first thought was, “I love Starbucks, and I love Disney, but together?”  Okay, so in the resorts?  That would be nice.  Roll out of bed and head down to the lobby for a Starbucks, then hit the parks!  Sounds wonderful!  Yet, that is not the plan.

When you enter Magic Kingdom for the first time on your visit, it’s the sights the of early 1900’s that really catch your attention.  It’s the sweet smells from the Main Street Bakery that make you stop and want to see what is inside.  Even if you are not hungry, when you see the cinomon rolls that are the size of your head, you feel the need to buy one.  The cases in the bakery never dissappoint, and Main Street Bakery is a staple of Main Street USA.

Main Street Bakery. A Disney World staple.


This leads me to my disappointment.  Anyone that knows me knows my love for Disney.  So they must have done something terrible to make me shake my head and ask, “What are you thinking?!”

As of January 2013, the Main Street Bakery will be no more.  Instead, Disney is putting in a Starbucks.  The workers will still be dressed to fit the atmospher of Main Street, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea.  Who in the world thought this was a good idea?  Starbucks does not belong.  It doesn’t fit.  When I think Disney, the last thing I think of is a Venti Skinny Carmel Macciato.  I can get that at home.

What are they thinking?

Disney will be putting Starbucks in other locations throughout the parks.  Epcot’s Fountain View Cafe will also be transformed.  Look for its final days later in the spring.  The dates and areas for the others will be announced soon.

Very sad…  Very, very sad…..

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