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My Insanity Workout Journey Begins!

My Insanity Fitness Journey Begins!

I’ve completed day two of the Insanity workout multi-dvd program. Unfortunately for me, my hubby was unable to join me for the rest of my fitness journey. His excuse? He couldn’t move after the first dvd; the 30 minute “fit test.” I couldn’t have agreed with him more. Just yesterday, I was grimacing as I was climbing up those three flights of stairs to my office. And, today? Well, let’s just say I feel it more EVERYwhere.

It’s a tough program, according to friends who have either attempted or completed the program. But it’s definitely been on my to-do list for the past few months, so I’m really going to try to stick to it.  The craziest part? I’m a member of a group that’s bold enough to do it over the upcoming holidays. I only have 58 more days to go!

Months ago, I barely managed to finish the first work out. That one work out left me sore and dizzy!  I figured I’d give it another go because there’s a group of us on Facebook who are on this Insanity fitness journey together.  I find myself inspired to finish this program with other virtual folks. I love reading up on tips, their personal and sometimes humorous struggles, and their love/ hate relationship with the fitness dvds.

I know it’s working simply by the way I feel the next day. AND the fact that I have “Dig Deeper,” one of the infamous lines throughout the fitness series, in my thoughts while at work means I won’t forget about it.

– Cool Playground Mommy

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