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Texas Based Hostess Closes

Sadly Holding the Last of the Hostess Brand Products While at the Grocery Store


Say it ain’t so! Sadly, Texas-based Hostess (the company that makes Twinkies) announced that it would be closing all of its U.S. facilities.

My hubby quickly talked about it and I saw a few Facebook postings from friends.  But what really brought it up front and center was when I watched last Friday’s evening news. The news reporter stated that Hostess bakery items (Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Ho Hos) were flying off the shelf. Quickly, I texted my hubby one request. That was to stop by the grocery store and grab my childhood favorite junk food item, Twinkies. I’ve wanted a Twinkie ever since the Texas State Fair debuted the fried Twinkie; however, I never had the opportunity. This was my last chance.

He, along with our nine year old daughter, arrived home shortly after I sent the text. Since we had to grab a few items from the grocery store anyway, we decided to make this a family mission. That was to find and stock up on Twinkies.  As soon as we walked into Kroger, I promptly looked in the bread aisle for my beloved Twinkies. There were no Twinkies, but we did manage to grab Ding Dongs and Ho Hos. This would temporarily placate me, but my quest for Twinkies continues.

As kids, we would frequent the Hostess Bakery Outlet near our home. We knew to go in on a Tuesday because the store would receive and stock up on newly shipped Hostess items. I can still remember the sweet aroma of bread and sugary confection as we happily entered that door. It was divine! My dad let us get at least one item to bring back to the house. Almost always, I got a Twinkie.

That evening, as we drove into the garage from our stockpiling, my girls and I tore thru the Ding Dongs and Ho Hos. However, we didn’t like it as much as we had anticipated. They had a stale cardboard though sugary quality to them. How could my childhood’s memory betray me so? I felt horrible for my kids. The taste I had built up and the fun in finding the products had let them down. In fact, the kids didn’t finish their share.

I haven’t had the heart to throw the leftover Hostess items away. I glanced at them this morning as I was getting my morning coffee.  It’s as if I’m throwing a piece of my beloved childhood memory away. For now, I’ll keep the remnants in a big Ziploc bag until I’m ready to say goodbye.

– Cool Playground Mommy

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  1. Beth Hardy 11/20/2012 at 9:24 am

    Hostess might be saved. They and the Bakers Union have agreed to moderation. Nothing for sure yet, but it is a possibility.