The Gift of Sight

For Christmas, my dear husband offered to buy me Lasik.  At first I was thrilled with the idea of never having to wear contacts again, but then the cute pair of glasses I had picked out for myself entered my mind.  “Would it be silly to buy glasses even if I didn’t need them?”  I didn’t even get the whole thought out of my mouth before my husband looked at me as if I were ridiculous.   I mean, doesn’t everyone like to hide behind a cute pair of glasses every now and again?

My husband and I decided to go in for a consultation together.  We chose Dr. Boothe because he had the reputation that we liked.  The consult went wham bam!

Dr. Boothe's office- 3900 west 15th street, Suite 102, Plano, Texas 75075

They checked our vision, asked us a few questions, and before we knew it, we were making an appointment to have surgery that Friday (this was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving).  What just happened?   So much for Black Friday shopping.  I just wanted to know if I was a candidate.  I guess they answered my question.

So we did the surgery on Friday.  The staff at Dr. Boothe’s office was great, and the whole process was quick.  The surgery takes only about 30 minutes in total.  Yes, if you have heard it’s like a cattle call, you are correct, but I didn’t feel that way.  It made the process go quicker doing 3 or 4 people at a time.

The only thing that I am not loving is that you are not able to wash your face or hair or put on make up for one week.  I will admit that I snuck a hair wash in there, but you have to take baths.  Washing your hair in the bathtub is a little difficult especially when you can’t get water on your face.  Sorry to anyone who comes near me.  I’m not a pretty sight.

I went in today (4 days post surgery), and I am 20/15!  Wow!  I am very happy.  They said it will get even more clear within the next few weeks.  So, one more week of the nasty eye drops that put a white coating on your eyelashes… but more importantly, I can take an actual shower in 3 days!!!

Thank you Dr. Boothe!!

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