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Toys! Toys! Toys! at Frisco Heritage Museum

Frisco Heritage Museum

Frisco Heritage Museum

The Frisco Heritage Museum is proud to announce their new exhibit,”Toys! Toys! Toys!”. Take a nostalgic journey back in time while you stroll through the museum admiring the toys from past generations on display.

Looking for new event ideas to take your family to this Christmas? This would offer the grandparents in the group, and parents too, a chance to share with the children the toys that were under their Christmas trees when they were young.

We had the marvelous opportunity of attending the Grand Opening of this display, as we have loaned some of our family toys to the museum. If you spot the large wooden dollhouse, let me know! Some of it’s contents go back to the late 1800’s from my family.

There are far too many toys to mention them all here. I will share with you that my daughter was intrigued by the Barbie dolls, and my son couldn’t resist playing an actual Nintendo, the very first game system of this entire video game craze. Isn’t it wonderful how simple these toys were that impressed us so greatly?

The Museum offers interactive games for the children. Have your children ever actually played with paper-dolls? Color your own to take home. Don’t miss the chance to count the resident elves throughout the displays. Bring your total count to the gift shop for a prize.

The Frisco Heritage Museum is located at 6455 Page Street, Frisco. More information can be found online at www.friscoheritage.org. The gift shop is full of fun things for purchase that you might not find elsewhere, perfect for Christmas stockings or gifts. Purchase a book on trains, an actual geode for your rock collection, and much more.

Consider giving the gift of membership. This gift will last your family an entire year so that you can explore this event and the upcoming ones at the museum.

Kitchen display

Toy Kitchen Display

Checkers and Cotton

Frisco Heritage Museum Family Time


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