Enchanted Fairies Calendar 2014 Personal Fairy Photo Sessions!

Every little boy and girl (and their mother) dreams about to be a princess or a warrior and now it is possible with Enchanted Fairies studios and the 2014 Enchanted Fairies Calendar.

Make the magic of pixie dust come alive while donating money to the North Texas Food Bank with the 2014 Enchanted Fairies calendar. (Photo courtesy of


The Enchanted Fairies Calendar is broken down into 3 phases: photo sessions, online voting, and calendar sales.

Photo Sessions: Boys and girls, ages 1-14, are invited to book a fairy or a brave warrior for a special photo sessions until June 30, 2013. With your $25 donation to book your shoot, you receive one FREE photo session and FREE limited edition 8 x 10 enchanted portrait from Enchanted Fairies Studio with 100% of the proceeds benefit the North Texas Food Bank. Brothers and sisters can also opt to take photos together and all props and costumes will be at the Enchanted Fairies studio.

Online Voting: Then contestants are entered in an online voting contest and with the help of family and friends to vote for your child’s photo. Voting costs $1 per vote with a $5 minimum and unlimited voting. Online voting will end on July 31.

Calendar Selection and Calendar Sales: Winners will be announced August 15 and the 13 children with the most votes will be featured in the 3rd Annual Charity Calendar. The grand prize winner receives a $3,000 prize package!

Enchanted Fairies 2014 Calendar

Benefiting the North Texas Food Bank
Enchanted Fairies Studio at Valley View Mall
13331 Preston Rd. Ste. 1140, Dallas, TX 75240
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  2. Autumn Reo 02/16/2013 at 10:16 am

    Thank you for your honest feedback. I’ll certainly proceed with caution. I learn about things just like other parents and if it seems worth recommending, I write about it. Im sorry your experience was poor. That never leaves a good taste in anyone’s mouth. Your info is very valuable to the process. Thanks again.

  3. Melanie Smith 02/16/2013 at 12:58 am

    Had a horrible experience with this studio!! Stay FAR, FAR away!! They use the $25 charity donation as a “ploy” to get you in the door. Costumes looked like they had been bought at a garage sale… Lets just say, thank goodness you couldn’t see the back of the costumes in the pictures!! The pictures do turn out great but they are NO WHERE NEAR worth the prices they charge which range from $130-$1300!! The cheapest package was $199 for 3 8×10’s in a single pose!! Was told 3 weeks to get pictures and they acted like they did me a favor jumping through hoops to get me the prints in 3 weeks instead of the 5 weeks that they changed it to when I sent an email to check on my order status. In the “premiere” to view the pictures, we were told that all the images were on the DVD if we wanted to buy that. The DVD was $370 but we purchased it because I wanted the digital pictures to save. Got the DVD and its simply a 6 1/2 minute music slide show in a video format, so yes all the pics were on there but in the movie so none can be digitally saved. Tried for a week to get the misunderstanding resolved but was pretty much told too bad. So to boil it down, here’s how their process works:

    1) Donate $25 to charity & schedule appointment – Feeling great because its for a good cause and you get great pics of your child
    2) Go in for photo shoot – Still feeling great and the kids love dressing like a fairy and getting pictures made
    3) You find out that you don’t get to see pictures that night but instead have to schedule another appointment for your picture “premiere” – feeling disappointed that you don’t get to see pictures that night but are still anxious to come back to see them
    4) You come to “premiere” – Pictures are beautiful and you narrow down the ones you really like
    5) They open the portfolio with the products offered – your eyes pop out of head and you can’t believe they are sooooo steep
    6) You go ahead and place an order – Feel somewhat uneasy because of what you are paying for pictures but figure they might be worth it
    7) Tell you pictures will be ready in 3 weeks – feel frustrated because you want the pictures now but you understand they take time
    8) Call to check on order after 3 weeks & get told it will be a couple more – Incredibly frustrated now because you want your pictures you paid so much for
    9) Get pictures – Love the pictures because your child is always beautiful but some of your order is not what was represented at “premiere”
    10) Ask for resolution and get told there’s nothing they can do about it and you should’ve read the “fine print” – Get really angry because you felt they should’ve been upfront to begin with!!

    There’s a reason you can’t find their prices online or any other info about their process. It’s because if you know ahead of time, you will not go!! In my case I paid the steep prices and didn’t get what I paid for and they offered no solution! If you choose to still use this studio, I hope they don’t do the same to you that they did to me!!!

  4. How cute!!!

  5. Shannon 01/18/2013 at 3:37 pm

    Thanks for writing about this! What a great cause, and fun experience. Just called and booked a session! I told the gentlemen I spoke to we heard about them through you:)