This Year’s Best Gift – iRobot

No one has asked me what the best Christmas gift I received was, but I will go ahead and shout it out…

I LOVE my iRobot!!!

You have probably seen those silly commercials with people simply saying, “iRobot.”  Well, I too, iRobot.

What am I talking about?  iRobot is a round vacuum that goes around your house all on its own.  These came out years ago.  I remember thinking that they were stupid, and only for lazy people.  Well call me lazy and stupid.  I love it.

The lazy person's gift for doing chores- iRobot.

The downstairs portion of my house is made up of hardwood, tile, and carpet.  If you have hardwood you know how quickly the floors get dirty, especially if you are like me, and have 2 kids and 3 dogs, all of whom enjoy a fun romp in the dirt.  The iRobot goes from room to room, cleaning as it moves around.  It can easily move from the wood to the tile or to the carpet.  It is low enough to the ground to roam under furniture.  All those dust balls you may have under your sofa are no more.  The only minor problem is because of the shape, the iRobot cannot sweep in tight corners.

How do you remember to turn it on?  Well… I set the timer.  Every day my iRobot goes off at 2:00.  I have set the schedule for it to go off while I may be at work.  It doesn’t seem to bother the dogs, and it does its job while I am away.  It also knows where it’s charging base is.  Once it is finished cleaning, it finds its way back to the base and recharges.  All you have to do is empty the dirt collection bin.

Now, this isn’t a quick process.  The vacuum can sense where the dirt is.  The cleaner your house is, the less time the iRobot roams the around.  I have had it go off for as little as 30 minutes and as long as 3 hours.  That was a day where the boys and dogs were having a great time out in the mud.

Such a great invention, and such a great gift.  If you are trying to think of a gift for a housewife or someone that needs a little more help being lazy with chores, get them the iRobot.  They will love you!

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