Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

How did we, as people, get anything done creatively without Pinterest?  I mean, really?

Almost a year ago, I was unofficially asked to be in a friends wedding.  She  asked the old fashioned way, with words… boring!

This past weekend I was asked officially to be in the wedding, along with my husband who was asked to be best man.  The way we were asked was so stinkin’ cute and creative, I just had to share.

Our friends Blake and Lindsay (shout out!) came over last weekend with gifts in tow.  For me, a bottle of wine, and for my husband, a cigar.  On the wine bottle was a label with a picture of my friend and I which read, “I’ve got the guy, now I need my girls.  Stephanie, will you be my bridesmaid?”

My husband’s invite was just as adorable.  His was a cigar glued onto some paper.  The paper read, “Mike, your service as a best man is required.”

Cutest invites ever!

Two super cute and creative ways to ask people to join in on a special day!  Now… I have a short 3 1/2 months to be bridesmaid dress ready.  Good thing my Brazil Butt Lift is coming in the mail this week.

Pinterest is awesome, and this is why:

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

Thank You, Pinterest



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