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“Happy Happy Happy” – Duck Dynasty


Love Duck Dynasty so much, I didn't mind posing by this cut out of Willie Robertson

Love Duck Dynasty so much, I didn’t mind posing by this cut out of Willie Robertson

My family and I LOVE A&E’s reality television series, Duck Dynasty. What’s there not to love? They end each episode with a prayer at the table, are proud of their Louisiana roots and beards, and have an endearingly relatable yet hilarious family. It makes me wish I had an Uncle Si in my family because of his embellished stories and various rants.

The Robertsons are self made millionaires from West Monroe, Louisiana. Their family duck calling business, Duck Commander, is operated by a band of brothers. Their CEO is Willie Robertson.

This is one show my entire family watches together. My oldest likes the fact that they’re filthy rich and have our sense of humor. Their appeal is that they’re down to earth. One example of this is that the family was seen and photographed on the red carpet in full camouflage attire. They make no apologies for it.

On the Red Carpet - courtesy of US Magazine

On the Red Carpet – courtesy of US Magazine

They are who they are and apparently, America loves them as much as I do. Their ratings are sky high. They have a large following on Twitter (‘s ) and get paid for appearances.   

Tune in and get ready to fall in love!

– Cool Playground Mommy

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