I'm North Texas Photographer Desiree Chapman, and I travel all over the DFW Metroplex capturing the precious and fleeting stages of families, children and grandchildren. Precious Newborns, Cancer Survivors, Special Needs Families....I am fortunate to photograph them; I'm richer for the stories that come with the pictures. From the Dallas Arboretum to Historic Downtown McKinney, I'm meeting people who are trusting me to see their loved ones as they do; lovingly documenting them for posterity.

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Photographing Fun: Bath Time in the Kitchen Sink

From Cranky to Content in the Kitchen Sink

Today my littlest love was just soooooooooooo cranky! He hasn’t been feeling well with teething, etc.. So, I decided to give one-year-old Reno a bath in the kitchen sink. I thought it would be fun for him (and me too!). He REALLY did like it! He splashed and wanted to play with the running water just like in the tub. Reno smiled and grinned, and then got serious about the sensation of the water in his hands. It was awesome to watch.

Now why am I sharing this with you? I believe you can take every moment, even the most common events in your child’s life and lock them away in a photograph where they’ll be re-enacted forever. I love the images of Reno’s bath time in the kitchen sink so much that I am probably going to print one of them in a canvas for my ‘lifestyle and candid’ wall. It makes my heart happy knowing that tomorrow, next week, and  years from now I will look upon these images and be able to recall these feelings of the moment I took them. These photos will bring back the sounds of his laughter among the splashing, and more.

double photo of a baby boy during bath time in the kitchen sink

The “How-to” of Photographing This Simple Childhood Event

For you photo bugs that want to know how I did it….I didn’t use a flash to take these images. I couldn’t even find it at the time LOL! I had my daughter bring me a floor lamp from my bedroom that I set up in the kitchen to Reno’s right to use as a catch light. I used my 1.8 mm lens on 2.2, ISO on 320 and shutter on 80 . Then I did a little creative editing to achieve this look you see here. IMPORTANT: I had help with the safety of my little guy while I was taking the pictures. So make sure you plan ahead if you want to do this by having a spotter within arm’s reach.

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