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Recycle Reef at Perot Museum

Recycle Reef

Recycle Reef needs your artwork to fill it up

The new summer exhibit at the Perot Museum is called Recycle Reef. They have built a kelp forest, a shipwreck and a lot of coral reef out of cardboard and placed them in a room lighted to look like moving water.  Your kids (and you) can choose from a large amount of cardboard pieces, fabric, different scraps of paper and use glue, masking tape, markers and crayons to create a “recycled” masterpiece that will be placed in the Recycle Reef. Not sure what to create? They have some beautiful posters of sea creatures that you can look through to help you make a decision.

Recycle Reef Turtles

Created by a guest artist

My kids and I went to check out Recycle Reef on June 14th during the members-only preview. The Recycle Reef was pretty much empty of artwork at that point, so we could see how it was created out of cardboard. Very Cool. We already recycle in my household, but this experience let the kids take a second look at what they could make out of the things we put in the recycle bin! One word of warning, you might want to make this your first stop in the museum. If you go all the way to the top floor and work your way down, you may be too tired to create art.

Plastiki and Recycle Reef at the Perot

Plastiki–a true feat of recycling!

On your way into the museum, be sure to take a few minutes to check out the Plastiki on display. In addition to the ship, the windows have information on how it was built and the different kinds of plastic that were recycled. It also shows the ship’s path from San Francisco to Australia! My kids could not believe that anyone would sail on the ocean so far in such a small plastic ship!

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