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Nestled in the New Fantasy Land inside the Magic Kingdom is a world where you can find the castles to many Disney princesses.  You will see Rapunzel’s tower, Ariel and Prince Eric’s castle, and the Beast’s castle that he now shares with Belle (they eventually got married, right?)  As you are taking a stroll along the path, snapping pictures of each structure, you will move into what seems like the real life Beauty and the Beast story.  Gaston’s tavern is overflowing with people getting a snack of some sort and there is a nearby shop selling Beauty and the Beast souvenirs.  Up in the distance you can also see the castle, but what is on everyone’s mind is, “Where is that Be Our Guest restaurant?”   The answer is if you are looking up at the castle, look in front of you… where you see the line of 100+ people.

The Beast's castle is in the distance, Be Our Gust is right beneath.

The Beast’s castle is in the distance, Be Our Gust is right beneath.

Now, if you are reading this you are wondering one of two things:  “How is it?”  and “How the heck do I get in that place?”

First of all, let me start out by saying that if you do not already have ADRs (advanced dining reservations) for dinner, you are out of luck.  They booked up months before they opened and they are booked for the next year.  You can try to sweet talk your way in, but unless there is a massive thunderstorm the day you want dinner, and people cancel their reservations, there is no hope for you.

There is some hope for you, if it is your goal on this very vacation to eat at the restaurant (it was for me).  Eat lunch.  I did research before making my reservations, and I read that the lunch there is better than the dinner.  The biggest pro is at lunch you DO NOT have to have reservations.  So why waste a dinner credit or a reservation on a restraint when you can  just eat a quick meal and get to the rides?

As stated above, there is a line.  Do not let that line detour you, but make it a goal to get there early.  The park generally opens at 9:00 am.  The restaurant opens for lunch at 10:30.  I say, send Mom to the line as soon as you get to the park, and have Dad take the kids on a ride or two.  That’s how we did it.  I think I got in line around 9:30.  There were only, say, 50 people in front of me.  They do shut down at 3:30 to prepare for dinner.  They will send you away.

Lunch was probably one of the best we had as far as a “counter service” meal (fast food) anywhere in the park.  In fact, our lunch was better that some of the more expensive dinners we had.  The process to get in takes a little time.  You order your food from a computer.  You tap your rose to the machine, and then you pick your seat.  You can choose to sit in the library, the dark West Wing, or the ballroom.  Each room looks just as it did in the move, with the exception of tables and people all around.  It really was a sight, and something I encourage everyone to visit.  Once you sit down, keep your rose on your table.  That is how the waitresses can find you.  They bring a cart with your order.

After eating, take a walk around.  Look in each room.  You will be amazed how they got every detail from the gargoyles outside to the rose in the West Wing.  It really is a sight to see.

The rose.  Don't let the Beast see you touch it.

The rose. Don’t let the Beast see you touch it.

Window right inside.  Look familiar?

Window right inside. Look familiar?


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