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Endangered Elephant Gives Birth at Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo Asian Elephant Calf

Fort Worth Zoo Asian Elephant Calf

One of our summer staycation musts was an outing to the Fort Worth Zoo. We were delighted to discover via social media that an elephant had given birth the day before our planned visit. Despite my kids’ incessant questioning, I knew it was highly unlikely we’d see the baby elephant (given her recent birth).

Yet as we entered the zoo, we were greeted with trees decorated with large and prominent pink bows. This joyous display was in celebration of the elephant calf’s arrival. We thought it was pretty cool and hoped to glimpse the elephant calf on our visit.

Excited to be at the Elephant Exhibit


On our short walk towards the elephant exhibit, we quickly passed chimpanzees and giraffes. We couldn’t contain our excitement!

Immediately, we recognized the day old endangered baby Asian elephant with her mama. We were thrilled. I busily snapped pictures of the two elephants while my girls giggled along with other onlookers.

Though small, the female elephant calf was born on July 7 weighing 330 lbs! We cast our votes in helping the zoo name the baby elephant. There were six names to choose from — Belle, Maggie, Rose, Ruby, Sage and Tujuh. My younger daughter and I voted for Rose; whereas, my ten year old cast her ballot for Ruby.

So which name bested the others???

Welcome Belle!!!

Welcome Belle!!!


The winning name is Belle (short for Bluebell). The name received 29.3 percent of the total votes. Tujuh was second with 18.4 percent. The bluebell is a wildflower found throughout Texas. It also symbolizes humility and gratitude.” – Fort Wort Zoo

This was a great time to visit the Fort Worth Zoo!

Later in our visit, we also stopped to see a playful baby chimpanzee and dined at Crocodile Café. The chimp was adorable and could easily be viewed by a glass partition. My girls enjoyed watching this adorable chimpanzee doing forward rolls.

Playful Baby Chimpanzee

Playful Baby Chimpanzee

The café was pretty awesome too!

We dined while watching crocodiles swim by. As big fans of Swamp People and Gator Boys, this was another highlight of our visit.

Crocodiles Swam By As We Dined

Crocodiles Swam By As We Dined


For more information on admission, hours of operation and location, please visit www.fortworthzoo.org.

– Cool Playground Mommy


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