Hello, fellow Mamas! I am a high school teacher as well as the mom of a 10-year-old and twin 6-year-olds. I am also taking graduate hours through an online university towards a master's degree in political science. It is a unique experience to be both teacher and parent! Join me on my journey through the trials and tribulations of parenting!

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Parenting gets easier? Maybe not

Baby picture parenting gets easier

Then, completely dependent on me!

Is it true that parenting gets easier the longer you do it? I recently told some of my friends who were expecting their first kids that parenting gets easier every year. As my kids have gotten older, I have slowly but surely been freed from the baby food, toddler snacks, diaper bags and stroller. (I admit though, that even though my babies are almost six I still keep a bag of spare clothes stashed in the car.)

Well, I might have lied. Parenting gets different, but maybe not easier. Last Monday I had to take my 9-year-old to have two of his permanent teeth pulled. Ouch and yuck, right? I gave him my big teeth and small mouth, and the orthodontist suggested this to try to keep things as orderly has possible before we get braces. He has had several baby teeth pulled, so he and I approached this as old news. His dad freaked out a bit and  the dentist had concerns about him, but I had faith in my strong little man. After a debate as to whether or not the tooth fairy wanted permanent teeth or only baby teeth, he was pretty much ready to go with it.

Mom was nervous.

Growing up picture parenting gets easier

Now, he still needs me sometimes!

Mom had to monitor his small breakfast of toast, and keep his spirits up on the drive to the dentist that morning. Mom had to sit in the waiting room trying to keep his brother and sister amused during the procedure. Mom had to pat him on the hand with a smile when visiting his still-gas woozy self in the dentist chair, one cheek full of gauze. Mom had to calm him when the numbness left his face tingling and burning as it started to wear off. Mom had to listen to him work it out by discussing how he thought the dentist had pulled his teeth. (Have I mentioned that this mom doesn’t like dentists? Like, had to have a vicodin for a filling once cause she was SO freaked out?)

Some parts of being a mom are great. Some parts of parenting are stressful and difficult. I’m not sure that the parenting gets easier when they get older. I almost miss the diaper bag.

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