I'm a wife (18 years & still going) and mommy to two boys (9 and 2). I left my job in corporate America to be a full time stay at home mom after our second son was born. I'm now the CEO of chaos in the Simmons household. I'm an organization and crafting freak. I love things in it's place and I love to create. My creative side is the one area I let loose and chaos and mess can live (for a limited time). There's a certain kind of peace and connectedness that happens when life is simplified, organized, and you can create. Especially when you can relax and let your kids be... well kids. I can't wait to share with all of you mamas.

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Photo Frame Wall

When I painted my gameroom/scrapbook area (photos in my scrapbook room post) I decided to carry the chocolate color into my stairwell. In the process I had to take down ALL the photos I had put up over the years. I wanted to create a gallery wall for our family photos. However, I couldn’t put the variety of miss-matched metallic frames against this rich color. Paint is truly a God send, because you can fix, change or improve anything with a little paint. Frames are probably the easiest to paint. I prefer to use acrylic craft paint instead of spray painting. Acrylic is more forgiving and it’s easily cleaned up. Truth be told I tend to collect paint and picture frames. DO NOT pass up a good picture frame at a garage sale or clearance… if it’s ornate or well made but not the color you want, paint will fix it.photo frame arrangement

I use Command Strips for hanging my pictures. It’s much easier to line up photos than with nails. Word of advice…wait at least 48 hours (a week is better) before using Command Strips on freshly painted walls or they will not stick completely. Trust me, I found out the hard way (several times, before I figured out the problem). As of this post I AM working on a revision to this display because I found a more versatile option on Pinterest. I will be able to have more pictures up and change them out more easily, but it requires a little woodworking (update coming in the near future).

photo frame wall

Pay no attention to the empty frames (my 2 year old always says “Uh-oh, where’s the pictures?” I left them strategically empty so I can put pictures of our youngest next to the oldest when they are at the same age.



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  1. andrew 09/25/2013 at 1:29 am

    Photo frames in stairs wall is really a very good and creative idea, I also have the same. I have so many pictures of my family and I have arranged them in a particular order. Vintage, wooden and Poster Frames all these are good option to fix a photo.
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