You Will Be Missed Kidd Kraddick

I was heartbroken and saddened to hear the breaking news.  “Kidd Kraddick passed away suddenly….” Who am I kidding.  I couldn’t sleep last night.  It’s amazing to me how caught up and emotional we get over people we have never met.  I thought it was a joke.  Someone playing an awful joke, but then I heard Billy the Kid get choked up on the radio.  I realized it was for real.

I started listening to Kidd Kraddick on 106.1 15 + years ago when the EDGE stopped being “cool.”  I woke up to him every morning, he got me to work 5 days a week, and he was a friendly face on one of my guilty pleasures, Dish Nation, throughout the week.  Even though I didn’t always agree with his ideas, and he would make me mad at some things he would say, I could always count on him and the crew to make me laugh when I thought I couldn’t.  Through bad times and good, he seemed to always be there.  His voice is one I will remember and miss for years to come.

He was a staple here in Dallas.  He has done so many good things for so many.  He gave people hope and helped many smile.  With his Kidd’s Kids and Breaking An Entering Christmas (among many other things), he had people knowing that there is hope out there and people truly care and want to help.

News media, radio, TV, social media and all that other fun stuff gets people embracing those they would never meet.  Making them feel like they are part of the family or just best friends.  I was there for the Royal Wedding.  When I say “there”, I watched the whole thing from my TV.  I was on the edge of my seat for a month waiting for the Royal baby to be born.  I checked my Facebook every 10 minutes on the due date to see if there was any news.  Kate and I are BFFs.  So it feels like.  Kidd, well, Kidd was like a family member.  A crazy uncle who would never go away.  He would piss me off and make me laugh all in a 10 minute span of time.

So now what?  Go on with the show?  Will they do a tribute like Glee?  Will they find a replacement?  Will it be Kelli and Al’s show?  Or will Kidd Kraddick in the Morning be no more?  My thoughts go out to Kidd’s family, friends, and all the Kidd Kraddick crew.  Kidd will be missed.

“Keep looking up.  That’s where it all is.”

Kidd Kraddick (1959-2013)

Kidd Kraddick (1959-2013)

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