I'm a wife (18 years & still going) and mommy to two boys (9 and 2). I left my job in corporate America to be a full time stay at home mom after our second son was born. I'm now the CEO of chaos in the Simmons household. I'm an organization and crafting freak. I love things in it's place and I love to create. My creative side is the one area I let loose and chaos and mess can live (for a limited time). There's a certain kind of peace and connectedness that happens when life is simplified, organized, and you can create. Especially when you can relax and let your kids be... well kids. I can't wait to share with all of you mamas.

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Dining Room Chair Makeover


Chair Redo

A friend recently asked me to take on refinishing her dining room chairs. She has this beautiful iron dining set, however, over the years the upholstery has taken a beating. Between foster children and her in home daycare business, the light colored fabric had seen better days. I knew the seat portion would be easy, I was more concerned about the back. It was an odd shape and it wasn’t until I took the chair apart that I could really assess my ability to take on the task. Most chairs have a few screws holding the seat on, making it pretty easy to reupholster chairs. On these chairs, the backs had a couple screws hidden behind the bottom pad, and the back is wedged in the frame. After I took it apart completely, I removed the fabric using a screw driver to remove the staples.

Reupholstering chairs

I went to Joann’s Fabric and used a coupon to get the beautiful rich tapestry fabric, but now there was the hard part. I used the old fabric pieces from the chairs for patterns to cut the new fabric. Since the backs were an odd shape and the fabric showed on both sides I had to do a little sewing. If you can sew a straight stitch this isn’t that bad. It looks more intimidating than it is. I just laid the old fabric over the new and used fabric chalk to trace out the shape. Then used a ruler to mark where the seam needed to be. The rest of the project was just using a staple gun to secure the fabric in place. The difficulty level of reupholstering chairs varies, but I find dining chairs to be the easiest. Especially if it’s just the bottom pad. If you’re considering doing it yourself there are plenty of how to videos online. I recommend watching a few if it’s your first time, then dive right in or try it out on a chair you’d otherwise get rid of because of the fabric. Then you won’t feel like you’ve ruined a piece of furniture.

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