I'm a wife (18 years & still going) and mommy to two boys (9 and 2). I left my job in corporate America to be a full time stay at home mom after our second son was born. I'm now the CEO of chaos in the Simmons household. I'm an organization and crafting freak. I love things in it's place and I love to create. My creative side is the one area I let loose and chaos and mess can live (for a limited time). There's a certain kind of peace and connectedness that happens when life is simplified, organized, and you can create. Especially when you can relax and let your kids be... well kids. I can't wait to share with all of you mamas.

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DIY Toys Becoming Treasured Toys

Sock Dolls DIY Toys

It never ceases to amaze me how the simplest of things entertain kids. With the 7 year age spread in my boys (9 and 2) and the decision to go from working mom to stay at home mom my perspective on things, particularly material things has changed. While I was a working mom with my oldest child my husband and I were quite indulging. We struggled with infertility and when we finally conceived (might I mention… naturally, go figure) we wanted to give him literally EVERYTHING we could afford to. However, every year it became more and more apparent that the latest toys or gadgets would quickly lose it’s enticement and the simple toys like Legos and board games were treasured more. Now in my stay at home status ushered in by child number two, we have forgone a lot of the latest baby items, toys, gadgets etc. and scaled back with our oldest as well. You know what… they DIDN’T notice. What I also found is that the cute and creative things that are in the family oriented magazines or the internet have become the special toys my boys like to play with.

The cute dolls and bottle bugs (pictured above; and in my perfectionist opinion were not my best work, but the boys couldn’t get them from me fast enough) have been played with more than any store bought item currently in my home. The cute DIY dolls were something I saw in Family Fun magazine’s September issue (the link will take you to the directions). It took maybe 15 minutes, most of that was the hand sewing, to make. I have even noticed my 9 year old sleeps with this new prized possession made by his mother’s hands. How sweet is that? The DIY bottle bugs were something I found on Pinterestand my toddler loves hiding in the closet with it once I’ve put a fresh glow stick inside it (stock up at the dollar stores or Target $1 section). I hope when they’re grown and start their own families that they have sweet memories of the things we made together that were so valuable to them as kids.

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