I'm North Texas Photographer Desiree Chapman, and I travel all over the DFW Metroplex capturing the precious and fleeting stages of families, children and grandchildren. Precious Newborns, Cancer Survivors, Special Needs Families....I am fortunate to photograph them; I'm richer for the stories that come with the pictures. From the Dallas Arboretum to Historic Downtown McKinney, I'm meeting people who are trusting me to see their loved ones as they do; lovingly documenting them for posterity.

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Why is Photography So Expensive?

Photographers always get asked as to why photography is so expensive. A photographer in Panama City, FL had his equipment stolen last month. Here is a list of everything that was stolen.

MacBook Pro 17”
Model No: A1229
Part No: ZOED0005X
Ser No: W872601MXA9
Value: $3,000

Model No: 110-1025DX
Part No: (1P)VA723UA
Ser No: (S)CNU92862Y5
Value: $400

Total Computer Value $3400

Cameras and Equipment:

Canon EOS 7D Camera
Ser. No. 0220106462 Value $2,300

Canon EOS 30D Camera
Ser. No.1620906649 Value $1,300

Canon EF 70-200 f2.8L USM LENS
Ser. No. 146733 Value $1,350

Canon EF-S 17-85 f4.5-5.6 IS USM LENS
Ser. No. 96007881 Value $600

Canon EF-S 18-200 3.5-5.6 IS USM LENS
Ser. No. 5902001712 Value $700

Canon EF 28-200 3.5-5.6 USM LENS
Ser. No. 4900659F Value $350

Canon EF 24-70 2.8 USM LENS
Ser. No. Unkown Value$2,300

Canon SpeedLite 580EX Flash
Ser. No. 414979 Value $480

Canon SpeedLite 420EX Flash
Ser. No. 001001 Value $270

Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip
Ser. No. 0200005233 Value $190

Canon BG-E2 Battery Grip
Ser. No. 028748 Value $212

Canon EXT. EF2X II LENS Extender
Ser. No. 69402 Value $500

Canon ACK-E2 AC Adapter Kit
Ser. No. Unkown Value $60

SanDisk 4GB Extreme III Compact Flash Card
Ser. No. Unkown Value $75

SanDisk 8GB Extreme IV Compact Flash Card
Ser. No. Unkown Value $115

SanDisk 1GB Extreme III Compact Flash Card
Ser. No. Unkown Value $155

Tamrac (5577) Expedition 7 Camera Bag
Ser. No. Unknown Value $250

Sto-Fen Omni Bounce EX Flash Diffuser
Ser. No. Unknown Value $20

Stroboframe Quick Flip Camera Holder
Ser. No. Unknown Value $67

77mm UV Filter
Ser. No. Unknown Value $46

Lens Hood EW78D
Ser. No. Unknown Value $50

Synergy Charger AA Battery Charger
Ser. No. Unknown Value $15

10 AA Rechargeable Batteries
Ser. No. Unkown Value $27

UVH 72mm Hoya Lens Filter
Ser. No. Unkown Value $55

BP 511 Battery (2)
Ser. No. Unknown Value $60

77mm CPL Lens Filter
Ser. No. Unknown Value $85

Total Value of Cameras and Equipment $11,632

Grand Total of all Stolen Items $15,032

Professional equipment for photography businesses cost a lot of money to purchase. The above doesn’t mention upkeep and upgrades for the equipment, business insurance, and classes and education to continually improve and change with the times.

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