I'm a wife (18 years & still going) and mommy to two boys (9 and 2). I left my job in corporate America to be a full time stay at home mom after our second son was born. I'm now the CEO of chaos in the Simmons household. I'm an organization and crafting freak. I love things in it's place and I love to create. My creative side is the one area I let loose and chaos and mess can live (for a limited time). There's a certain kind of peace and connectedness that happens when life is simplified, organized, and you can create. Especially when you can relax and let your kids be... well kids. I can't wait to share with all of you mamas.

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Confessions of a DIY Mom Redeux – Custom Closet

Well I’m on a roll… sort of. If you read my post on my powder room mirror project this was one of the other projects that I was doing in tandem. In my mind it made sense because I needed to patch the wall in this closet I gutted. Gutting a closet seemed easy enough. Again, I’m sure if the project didn’t have to contend with my toddler this would have been a weekend project.

So how does one go about gutting their closet? This closet originally had the builder grade “standard” wooden shelves nailed to the wall and wooden rods. Not very customizable for changing needs. I used a 5-in-1 tool to cut the caulk between the wall and the shelves, then used a rubber mallet to knock the shelves out. Turned out it wasn’t that difficult to “demo” the closet shelves. After removing all of them I cleaned up the walls with sandpaper and prepped the wall the same way I did my powder room (now you see why I did them at the same time).


I decided to paint the inside of the closet with the same color I used when I converted my craft room to my son’s bedroom. Using a color other than white or off white hid any small imperfections in my patching job.


If y’all didn’t know already I have O.C.D. tendencies and The Container Store would be part of my own personal heaven. You can have them design your closet or do it yourself using their online tools. However, I actually use good old fashion graph paper and draw out my closet dimensions to scale and then sketch out on a separate paper the use of the space. I do this for several reasons…

1. I’m the one that knows how I want to use the space and having a plan with me keeps me on task (especially at The Container Store), 2. I can estimate my cost or make it fit into my allotted budget (especially since the Elfa system is modular you can add a little at a time and just get essential components).


Once you have your plan and get your supplies, all that’s left is hanging up the skeleton of your closet (no pun intended, but that was funny). I like the Elfa system because once you’ve hung the Easy Hang track and standards the rest is a piece of cake. Now I can check this project off and move onto doing my older son’s closet before their sale is over.


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