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Bonnie & Clyde – Part of Texas History

In Front of Bonnie's Tombstone

In Front of Bonnie’s Tombstone

With the anticipation of the mini-series, Bonnie & Clyde, I did a little digging around and discovered that the infamous criminals hailed from Texas. In fact, both are buried in Dallas. Though their wish of being buried side by side wasn’t granted by Bonnie’s family, they’re not too far from one another.
Over the weekend, I convinced by hubby to drive us to Crown Hill Cemetery to pay our respects and to learn more about Texas’ history.  The visit propelled me to learn more about them. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was one of her high school’s best students. I was fascinated to learn that Bonnie excelled in spelling, writing and public speaking. As a student, she met her husband, Roy Thornton. Just days before she turned 16, she dropped out of school to marry him.
Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Parker

Unfortunately, their marriage was short lived as Thornton ended up going to jail. That was the last she would see of him although they never divorced. Interestingly enough and after Bonnie was gunned down, she was found wearing his ring. Sifting through online pictures, Bonnie was a very beautiful woman. There was no reason to explain why she turned to a criminal life other than the circumstance of surviving the Great Depression.
On the other hand, Clyde Chestnut Barrow began stealing turkeys and cars at a young age.  Eventually, Clyde served jail time.  It was reported that while in jail, Clyde concocted a plan to have someone chop two of his toes with hopes of being paroled earlier.
The two criminals met at a mutual acquaintance’s house and it was said that they were instantly smitten with one another. They traveled with their gang and robbed gas stations and convenience stores. Bonnie, age 23, and Clyde, age 25, were very young when they met their unfortunate death.  They were ambushed and killed on May 23, 1934 in Louisiana. They were shot by a posse of four Texas officers and two Louisiana officers.
Bonnie & Clyde, the miniseries, will be featured on three networks (A&E, History, and Lifetime) on December 8th, Sunday @ 9/8 central.
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