I'm a wife (18 years & still going) and mommy to two boys (9 and 2). I left my job in corporate America to be a full time stay at home mom after our second son was born. I'm now the CEO of chaos in the Simmons household. I'm an organization and crafting freak. I love things in it's place and I love to create. My creative side is the one area I let loose and chaos and mess can live (for a limited time). There's a certain kind of peace and connectedness that happens when life is simplified, organized, and you can create. Especially when you can relax and let your kids be... well kids. I can't wait to share with all of you mamas.

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Easy Peasy Decomesh Fall Wreath

I’m a pretty crafty person, but I’ll admit that the decomesh material has been the biggest challenge for me when making a wreath. Normally I can look at something and figure out how to make it. I made several attempts during the summer to make a burlap decomesh wreath, then a standard decomesh wreath and to my dismay it just wouldn’t come out the way I wanted. Then the other day while surfing the web I decided to search YouTube for videos on making a decomesh wreath. Apparently there are several way to make them, some require more supplies than others. However, I found one that I absolutely LOVE (and in my opinion is the easiest) to get your wreath looking full and beautiful by MayMayMadelt.

I bought a 16″ wire wreath form for less than $3 at Joann’s Fabric. The decomesh (about 22″ wide and 10 yards long) and fall flowers were purchased at Michael’s (this past weekend the decomesh was 40% off and the flowers were 80% off). So my supplies ended up being less than $30.


The YouTube tutorial will show you how, but all I had to do was pull loops of decomesh through the ring. You will work your way across one time in each section so it won’t come out. In the picture below that’s only TWO loops pulled through and it already looks pretty and fluffy.


After you fill the ring with decomesh, fluff and manipulate the mesh til you get the desired look. Then you just add your filler. This one is VERY simple, since I’m still playing around with it. In this particular one I just stuck the flower stems in. I didn’t hot glue or tie them down to the frame. The decomesh seems to hold the materials in place pretty well, but I’ll likely secure the accents once I’ve settled on my finished design.


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  1. Power My Life 11/18/2013 at 11:28 am

    We love your DIY fall wreath! Not only is it beautiful, but it is low-cost, too! Thanks for sharing this great idea. We will be tweeting your DIY wreath to our followers from our Twitter account, @OncorPML!