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5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

I really love the holidays. The baking, the smells that fill my home from said baking, the decorating, the crafting, the list goes on. Sometimes, though, my crafting to-do list and the amount time I actually have to craft don’t exactly line up. That’s when easy becomes my best friend. If you need some easy tips to make the inside of your home look like Christmas, check out these 5 easy decorating ideas!

5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Make a Christmas countdown chalkboard. I’m a chalkboard lover, and I love any excuse to write something fun for all to see. I had no idea how my kids would get so into it! They remind me every day to change the number, or sometimes they just change it themselves.

2. Send the kids on an adventure for nature! Give the kids a bag and have them go find pine cones, holly, greenery, etc. to decorate the mantel or other flat surfaces with. Not only will it expend some energy, but it will make your home festive!

5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Christmas

3. Fill a basket with Christmas books. I love having an assortment of books out during the holidays. This year our basket sits right by the tree, and almost every night we read a story together. It’s festive and educational.

4. Make a gingerbread house. This is tradition in our house. If you want super easy, buy a kit. Seriously, there’s no shame in that. If you want to be a bit more ambitious, go for making your own. I recently made this gingerbread recipe from Food.com. Worked great and tasted amazing. Martha Stewart has some great templates for a gingerbread house. My favorite is the Swedish gingerbread house.

5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

5. Make a PAPER Christmas bunting. I love buntings, and sewing ones that will last is awesome, but we’re talking EASY here. Skip the sewing, grab a ruler, scissors, and Christmas scrap paper and let the kids cut triangles! I made mine by folding the paper in half and using a ruler to draw a triangle. After you cut, the triangle should easily fit over a string or rope. Glue the bottom to ensure it doesn’t fall off. EASY!

5 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

A very Merry Christmas to you!

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