Why I wear a Rainbow Loom Bracelet

By Jeanne

Rainbow loom bracelets are all the rage. We finally broke down and let our children spe... Read More

Get Shopping! Local Holiday Market Roundup

By autumnreo

You know it’s holiday season in DFW when you open up your mailbox and find your first holiday market invitation by your local women’s group. Whether you are talking a junior league, sorority, or a women’s club, holiday markets are THE event to attend of the season. While holiday shopping is th... Read More

Birchbox – is it worth it?

By Ausa Faria

I recently signed up for Birchbox after reading a blog that compares it to receiving monthly presents for $10 / month. Now, mind you, I’ve never had to pay for gifts given to me, but I said... Read More

Year of the Dragon’s Hair Styling Tip

By Ausa Faria

  Before my coworkers and I met up over a work lunch to celebrate Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon), we briefly discussed and planned our hair do. My girlfriend had mentioned pinning... Read More


By Ausa Faria

  Eyelash extensions seem to be all the rage in the Dallas area lately. In fact, I'm tempted to join the crowd. But, at $250 (for a full set), my eyes can wait. Rather than getting the... Read More

The Perks of Rearranging Furniture

By Ausa Faria

  Every other month, I rearrange our house furniture. It motivates me to clean the house. In fact, it makes it fun. My hubby begs to differ. He loathes moving furniture; esp... Read More

Yay or Nay? Feather Hair Extensions

By Ausa Faria

Over the summer, I got our daughter and myself feather hair extensions. I relented after tiring of our daughter's daily pleading. Secretly, I thought they were cute. I first spotted them... Read More

Got Dirk?

By Ausa Faria

We truly are beaming with Texas pride in our household with the recent Mavericks win and parade. What better way to showcase our pride than with cute t-shirts? I purchased all four of our licensed ... Read More

Redbook Magazine Party Host Experience

By Ausa Faria

  Two weekends ago, I hosted my first Redbook magazine party sponsored by both Redbook magazine and Suave. After applying online t... Read More

My Latest Bargain Find – $7 Jeans at Wal-Mart

By Ausa Faria

Before you purchase a designer pair of jeans, do yourself a favor and try on a pair of Wal-Mart jeans.  You might find yourself walking away with a bargain! As I was shopping one early weekend morning, I was drawn to one particular corner within our local Wal-Mart store --- the recently marked... Read More