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Don’t Wait to Make a Family Portrait

By Desiree Chapman

Many Reasons for Dodging the Camera I am a momma who LOVES to takes pictures, and I have successfully driven my kiddos and everyone around me crazy with my camera. However, when there is a family function I am the first one they call. Am I usually in the family images…no. But I like to tell ev... Read More

To Witness a Birth…This is Not for the Squeamish!

By Desiree Chapman

Photographing a Rare Birth About a year and half ago I had the honor of photographing a birth! It wasn’t my first birth session, but it was my first home birth.  I had just delivered my son six weeks earlier, and missed out on my long-anticipated home birth because of a complication. Unfortunate... Read More

Books For Boys

By Jeanne

Now that summer has really started, I hope that you have signed up for some of the great summer reading programs available. My 5 year old twins collected their free book from Barnes & Nobles today, but my 9 year old only has one book on his list. He loves to read and reads way above level, but o... Read More

Win a Gift Card to Try the New Salads at Chick-fil-A

By Carrie Lindsey

There are three new salads at Chick-fil-A, and this makes me happy - they have the best "fast food" salads around! We like going to Chick-fil-A because nobody looks at us funny if our kids are screaming or knocking over their lemonades or crying because I wouldn't buy them an ice cream. Our local re... Read More

The things we do for our kids…

By Jeanne

I am not a sports person. I actually graduated from a high school that didn't have organized sports--no, not even football. (I'll pause while all the Texans I live with try to overcome th... Read More

Growing up too fast

By Jeanne

It seems like the month of April has been an eye-opening one for us. Between the tornadoes and the burglary of a classmates' house, my little four year olds seem to be growing up too fast. [caption id="attachment_17378" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Where did that innocent little girl go... Read More

Family Camping in Texas at Camp El Tesoro

By Polly Harrison

Spring Break Camping - Camp El Tesoro Spring break is coming up and my family always likes to take a little excursion to celebrate the time off. We don’t make it a huge trip – usually just a long weekend somewhere fun that allows us to get away from the everyday stress of the school year. In th... Read More

Time to get organized!

By Jeanne

We have survived the first week of school! I made it through by advanced planning but it was apparent that there were a few things that needed attention this weekend. My so... Read More

38 Free (or Cheap!) Family Activities in DFW this Summer

By rcooksey

It's our 3rd year of creating this list of things to do with your kids in DFW, and first we want to thank all you Moms who have used it, told your friends about it, and requested it for 2010!  We are all looking for cheap, free (if possible!), fun activities for our kids, and the Dallas-Fort Worth ... Read More

A Father’s Day Gift Every Man Will Love – Boudoir Photography

By rcooksey

Before you read this post, let me level set with you on a few things:    1)  I am not a glamour-puss (by any you can tell by the contents of my make up bag).  2) I consider Cosmopolitan a racy read.  3) I probably have about 10 photos of myself taken within the last year, all of ... Read More