Easter Basket Ideas For Less

By Jeanne

Here are some Easter Basket ideas for less! Do you struggle every Easter to fill a nice Easter basket, for those of us who follow that tradition, without breaking the bank?  If your family ... Read More

Kids and Community Service In Dallas

By Jeanne

Community Service has long been a tradition in my life, but I have struggle to find opportunities that my children could take part in when they were young. Help Rev... Read More

Why I wear a Rainbow Loom Bracelet

By Jeanne

Rainbow loom bracelets are all the rage. We finally broke down and let our children spe... Read More

Pop Clock- The Best Kids Alarm Clock EVER

By stephaniecrespin

Before Christmas when my kids were asked what they wanted, I got a lot of requests for toys that I knew would never get played with.   I am done with breaking my neck to avoid sudden death by tripping over toys scattered all over my house.  So, when I made out their Christmas list for their Nana ... Read More

Don’t Wait to Make a Family Portrait

By Desiree Chapman

Many Reasons for Dodging the Camera I am a momma who LOVES to takes pictures, and I have successfully driven my kiddos and everyone around me crazy with my camera. However, when there is a family function I am the first one they call. Am I usually in the family images…no. But I like to tell ev... Read More

To Witness a Birth…This is Not for the Squeamish!

By Desiree Chapman

Photographing a Rare Birth About a year and half ago I had the honor of photographing a birth! It wasn’t my first birth session, but it was my first home birth.  I had just delivered my son six weeks earlier, and missed out on my long-anticipated home birth because of a complication. Unfortunate... Read More

Parenting gets easier? Maybe not

By Jeanne

Is it true that parenting gets easier the longer you do it? I recently told some of my friends who were expecting their first kids that parenting gets easier every year. As my kids have gotte... Read More

Disney World Vacation–How long should you go?

By Jeanne

So you have decided to take a trip to Walt Disney World! Congratulations! Now for the hard decisions. We took a long trip to Orlando in December, so I thought I would blog about the steps required to get there--and the tips I learned from hauling two adults and three kids to Orlando for the holidays... Read More

Books For Boys

By Jeanne

Now that summer has really started, I hope that you have signed up for some of the great summer reading programs available. My 5 year old twins collected their free book from Barnes & Nobles today, but my 9 year old only has one book on his list. He loves to read and reads way above level, but o... Read More

Photographing Fun: Bath Time in the Kitchen Sink

By Desiree Chapman

From Cranky to Content in the Kitchen Sink Today my littlest love was just soooooooooooo cranky! He hasn't been feeling well with teething, etc.. So, I decided to give one-year-old Reno a bath in the kitchen sink. I thought it would be fun for him (and me too!). He REALLY did like it! He splashed a... Read More