My Kids are Home – How Do I Feel About That?

By minette

My kids returned last night after two weeks in Colorado with their Grandparents. They had a blast, they crammed more into a two week visit that I could have imagined: hiking, crafts, cooking, video games, miniature golf, campouts/campfires, go karts, horseback riding and more. I am sure my parents a... Read More

Where does Play fit into our children’s future?

By minette

I have had two interesting occurrences in the last week with the theme of children and play that have made me stop and think about what we are teaching our children and what values we are instilling in them about making room in their lives for play time. First, we went to my son's 5th grade gradu... Read More

The Best Summer Reading Programs in DFW

By Polly Harrison

With 2 fresh new readers and a needy 3 year old that loves a good story, we go through lots of books in our house and intend to ramp up the dedicated reading time now that school is out. If you're looking for ways to keep the focus on reading in these hot dry months, there's no better way to mot... Read More

Crying over Sleep Away Camp Paperwork

By minette

It's sad but true, I was reading through the Parent Handbook for my daughter's Girl Scout camp and I got all teary. She is my baby, my sweet little 8 year old girl who is so excited and so nervous about going away to camp. I could not believe how sad I got just reading the handbook, what silliness, ... Read More

When You Want to Throw a Tantrum!

By minette

Do your kids ever drive you so crazy that you want to act just like them, lay down on the floor kicking and screaming and flailing your arms to get all your excess energy out? Have you ever tried it? When was the last time you allowed yourself to express your own feelings with that level of intensit... Read More

Ways we Invalidate Our Children’s Feelings

By minette

I gave one of my favorite talks today to the MOPS group at First Baptist Church in Lewisville. What an awesome group of ladies. I am grateful for the invite to speak with them and as I told them, I always learn something new listening to all the amazing moms share. I loved that we had a diverse grou... Read More

Are you ready for summer camp?

By minette

Today is April 1st, April Fool's Day and there are certainly days when I feel more like a fool than an organized mom. Which seems ridiculous considering that I own North Texas Kids magazine, a great resource full of summer camp ideas that my kids would love to participate in (and while that sounds l... Read More