Asparagus Frittata

By Mina Frannea

It's Monday morning and I'm on my second cup of coffee. Hungry for breakfast, I scrounge around in the refrigerator to see what I need to use up. I see that I've got leftover steamed asparagus*, grape tomatoes and half a red onion---perfect ingredients for a frittata! A quick inquiry to hubby (who ... Read More

Perfect Pancakes, à la Jamie Oliver

By Shannon Carino

My oldest was at camp last week. It was her first time away, and, despite a bit of nervousness on the part of her parents, she has a wonderful time and can't wait to... Read More

Breakfast Kebabs

By Shannon Carino

As I learned a long time ago with my kids, and again with my last post, food on a stick is infinitely better than food on a plate. We've often made meat & cheese keb... Read More