Halloween Potluck Ideas

By stephaniecrespin

I love themed potlucks at work.  So when it was decided that we would do a Halloween themed lunch after I received my October issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray, I was more than ecstatic.  The question was, "what to make?"  I wanted something simple yet something that everyone would enjoy.  So wh... Read More

Munster Mansion Charity Bash – Oct. 18 & 19

By Ausa Faria

Texas has its very own Munster Mansion and on October 18 & 19, they're hosting a bash! Each year, the Munster Mansion hosts a quirky yet wonderful family friendly event benefitting ... Read More

Story Book Character Costumes

By stephaniecrespin

In lieu of dressing up in normal costumes, yesterday my school had kids and teachers dressing up as their favorite story book characters.  This is a wonderful idea.  We can get a peek into what kind of books interest some of these kids.  The best part is that the kids have to have the book with... Read More

Halloween at Canterbury Court in Plano

By Janet Calltharp

If your neighborhood is a bit lacking in the creative department for Halloween decorating you may need to head over to Plano for a fun Halloween night. Local residents on Canterbury Court create a haunt... Read More

Yummy And Easy Halloweeen Treats

By stephaniecrespin

My husband's birthday is in October, and he opted not to have a cake this year.  Instead, he agreed to let me practice my candy making skills, and make Halloween treats.  So to come up with some ideas, I did what every person does... I pulled up Pinterest.  And, as always, Pinterest came through... Read More

The “Munster Mansion” in Waxahachie

By Janet Calltharp

This weekend will be the busiest for local haunted houses. Teens and adults, flocking to be scared senseless by a horror masquerade. Let's tone it down a bit and find some fun for both parents and k... Read More

Go “Boo!” in the Zoo at the Fort Worth Zoo, Oct. 19-21 and Oct. 26-28

By autumnreo

The zoo is a haven for moms with kids in strollers. And for two weekends, it also becomes the place where strollers, animals and Halloween come together with Boo in the Zoo. The Fort Worth Zoo’s 21st annual family friendly Halloween celebration runs October 19-21 and October 26-28 from noon to 5 p... Read More

Boo on Ballard

By Carrie Lindsey

I finally have a kid who's old enough to grasp the concept of Halloween. Jack finally realizes that there is a holiday that allows him to A) wear his favorite costume, and B) get loads of candy.  I mean, he *mostly* got it last year...but this year the anticipation is almost more than he can tak... Read More

Kid’s Halloween Costume Ideas

By Jen Price

Halloween will soon be upon us. Need some inspiration for your kid's costume this year? In my opinion, the best part about it is seeing all the creativity that comes out in costumes. Here's a few ideas for you... I love how Design Mom brought the classic Rubik's Cube to life in this costume! ... Read More

What to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy?

By Jeanne

Costumes are cast aside, decorations are coming what to do with all the leftover Halloween candy in the house? If you are like me, letting the kids go hog-wild with the sugar just isn't an option. Every fiber in my being rebels against it! However, with the holidays coming up, there is... Read More