A Father’s Day Gift Every Man Will Love – Boudoir Photography

By rcooksey

Before you read this post, let me level set with you on a few things:    1)  I am not a glamour-puss (by any you can tell by the contents of my make up bag).  2) I consider Cosmopolitan a racy read.  3) I probably have about 10 photos of myself taken within the last year, all of ... Read More

The Comfort Queen, Jenny Louden, to Offer Workshop in McKinney Focused on Delicious Aliveness through Self-Kindess

By rcooksey

From Jennifer Louden's website,’ve heard it a thousand times: self-nurturing helps you handle the challenges of life. You’ll be more patient, more creative, a better boss/parent/friend. You know what I say? Blah blah blah. Here’s the truth: being kin... Read More

Baby Shower Ideas That Will Knock Her Booties Off

By rcooksey

Dedicated to Kate Cooksey, born 4/19/09. My two older sisters recently threw a baby shower for me in honor of Baby Kate.  Their attention to detail was incredible and made one guest exclaim: "I've never seen so many thoughtful touches in one shower!  This was amazing!!"  So, I've dec... Read More