A Father’s Day Gift Every Man Will Love – Boudoir Photography

By rcooksey

Before you read this post, let me level set with you on a few things:    1)  I am not a glamour-puss (by any you can tell by the contents of my make up bag).  2) I consider Cosmopolitan a racy read.  3) I probably have about 10 photos of myself taken within the last year, all of ... Read More

Instilling a Gracious Attitude in Young Children

By rcooksey

All moms have found themselves in that nail-biting, sweat-inducing prediciment when someone hands her child a gift. The mom sits on the edge of her seat, silently chanting in her head "Say it. Please say it." as she waits for her child to speak. Finally, in that brief pause between th... Read More

Pollyanna Octopus Mom

By rcooksey

There is an exercise in Pilates called “imprinting”. You visualize your spine lengthening and sinking down into soft sand, lightly imprinting. This reminds me of writing your name in wet sand or cement and how it is so easy to make an impression. Well, children are like wet cement in the... Read More