Box 4 Blox :: Genius Lego Storage

By Jen Price

A very fun package came in the mail the other day.  As I pulled out its contents, I heard things like this... "I am so totally going to use this!" from my 9 year old boy. "I wish I would have thought of this." from my 30 something year old husband. What was it, you might ask?  Box 4 Blox! ... Read More

Creative Storage Solutions

By Jen Price

As a mother of two children, I feel like I'm always looking for storage solutions for all the things my kids collect.  From toys to books to the can't-live-without-sticks that come in from outside, I feel like we end up with so much stuff.  Even after careful weeding through, there's still many th... Read More

Are you ready for summer camp?

By minette

Today is April 1st, April Fool's Day and there are certainly days when I feel more like a fool than an organized mom. Which seems ridiculous considering that I own North Texas Kids magazine, a great resource full of summer camp ideas that my kids would love to participate in (and while that sounds l... Read More

Organize for Back to School and Solve Three Big School-Year Dilemmas

By rcooksey

It's back to school once again and you’re probably finding yourself with a "To Do List" that's longer than the paper you're writing on. For the average family, an entire inventory of items (i.e. clothing, lunch foods, school supplies, etc.) must be purchased as schedules between carpooling and... Read More

Four Steps to an Organized Home

By rcooksey

You know that junk drawer in your kitchen that catches everything - every pen, every battery, every random screw that fell out of who knows what?  It exasperates us, but often we don't do anything about it.  Sometimes (especially around the holidays) it feels like the house is a “jun... Read More