Child Safety

By Julie Liberman

As parents, we are automatically programmed to worry about the safety of our children. If there is one program I can HIGHLY recommend you attend, it is this one called, What Every Parent Needs to Know with Jeff McKissach of Defense by Design. Mr. McKissach is a member of the North Texas Crime Comm... Read More

OnStar Takes Us Where We Want to Go

By Polly Harrison

By now, most of us have heard the OnStar radio ads with chilling snippits of real life conversations between the OnStar operators and drivers who are in distress. These recordings do a good job of illus... Read More

5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Heat

By rcooksey

If your kids are like my boys, they don't care what the temperature is outside - they've gotta run and play whether it's 32 degrees or 110.  So in these Texas summers, when the temperatures soar above 100 and the heat index is even higher, here are some tips we follow to keep them cool. Note - ... Read More

The Four Steps of Car Seat Safety

By rcooksey

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are four easy steps to protecting your children while riding in the vehicle. Each of the four steps is a specific car seat that is designed for certain stages of your child’s development. By following these recommendations o... Read More

The Best Sunscreens for Your Family

By rcooksey

Look for a sunscreen that does the following:? has an SPF of 15 or higher? blocks both UVA and UVB rays (labeled “broad spectrum”)? is water-resistant or water-proof? is hypoallergenicNext, consider what your needs are. For a simple, no-nonsense sunscreen the standard kids brands (Banana... Read More

Don’t Leave Your Baby Too Long in the Infant Carrier

By rcooksey

When soon-to-be new parents venture into the baby store to buy furniture and register, one of the items that is sure to be at the top of the “must-have” list is a car seat that doubles as an infant carrier.  They come in wide varieties of colors, designs, and even sizes to choose from.  These ... Read More

Safe Toys – What You Need to Know About Lead, Magnets, and Hand-Me-Down Kids Gear

By rcooksey

They're popping up all over - websites dedicated to re-selling kids toys and other gear.  And in a tight economy, it sounds great....who doesn't want to earn a few bucks by selling some cast-offs or saving big on something her kids will love?  But before you buy - or sell - here are some t... Read More

Harmful Plastics in Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water Bottles? What to Do Now.

By rcooksey

At my baby shower last week, I was the recipient of several brand-new glass baby bottles.  This caused one of those "ah-ha" moments, where suddenly the rash of news stories I'd heard about regarding dangerous plastics (due to a chemical called Bisphenol A) registered with me as something I need... Read More

Teens Driving and Texting – Some Possible Solutions

By rcooksey

Photos from This is a problem for teens.Not only are most teens new drivers with zero experience behind the wheel, but they text ALL the time.  Texting IS their form of communication.  Last year, the State of California passed a "Hands-Free" law which requires that all driv... Read More

Car Seat Compatability Check

By rcooksey

Before I got my mini-van, I had a mid-size SUV.  When I got pregnant and registered for an infant car seat, making sure it fit in the car securely didn't even cross my mind.  Flash forward to bringing baby home from the hospital.  My husband had gotten so frustrated trying to get the ... Read More