By Julie Liberman

"Connections"  is a wonderful resource for families looking to find services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for individuals with special needs. It lists over 520 resources for parents- therapists, doctors, stores, etc. The publication was founded by a local father, Lamarque Polvado, who has a child ... Read More

Be…out there!

By Julie Liberman

Before it gets too hot outside, here's a fun activity that is great for encouraging speech and language skills! This activity is also good for fine and gross motor control, hand eye coordination, and conversation skills! Make a "Nature Bracelet"** by wrapping a piece of tape (sticky side out) aro... Read More

Keep up with summer learning

By Julie Liberman

Get ready for summer with these sites full of homework to keep speech and language skills going throughout the summer months! Check out my favorite website "Speaking of Speech" for homework packets, and Therapy Source is a good place for materials, too. As a Speech-language pathologist, I tell... Read More

It’s too loud!!!

By Julie Liberman

May is “Better Hearing and Speech Month,” but even the most steadfast parents may not know about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss abuse and how to protect their children's hearing. A recent study found that over 10 million Americans have hearing loss because of excess noise exposure.... Read More

Simple Ways to Encourage Speech and Language Development

By Julie Liberman

Communication milestones are often met in some children with ease. However, at times, delays are noted. Specialists, such as Speech-language pathologists, can assist when a communication delay has been identified. Speech delays include issues with sound pronunciation (articulation), as well as fluen... Read More